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Linseed Stand Oil

Polymerised Linseed Oil

Polymerised Linseed Oil

Approx. Rs 225 / Kg

Polymerised Linseed oil , also known as Stand oil is generated by heating linseed oil near 300 °C for a specific time period in the complete absence of air. Under these conditions, the polyunsaturated fatty esters convert to conjugated dienes, leading to crosslinking. The product, which is highly viscous, gives highly uniform coatings that "dry" to more elastic coatings than linseed oil itself. The oil has a pale clear colour and extremely high viscosity. It produces a tough, enamel-like, none-yellowing film. Stand oils are generally, manufactured to viscosity specifications. Linseed stand oils may also be used in simple solutions where oil soluble resins are melted into the hot oil without further polymerisation.

Linseed stand oils are used in the manufacture of traditional wood and floor sealing varnishes and in enamels. They are also used in house paints to modify flow, "levelling" of the coat and to improve gloss and durability. Higher viscosity linseed stand oils are used in the production of flat paints and primers. They may also be used in pigment grinding (particularly high acid value types but beware of yellowing). All linseed stand oils impart excellent flexibility, performance and durability to the final product. They are used in Preservatives, oil paints, furniture finish, wood floors, conditioner for natural boar's hair paint brushes, on cricket bats, and softening putty. They are used in the paint industry as it dries much faster than Raw Linseed Oil, in the construction industry in concrete, earthen floors and as additive to glazing putty, as a wood preservative and in the maintenance of wooden articles and tools, as an alternative to solvent-based products designed for sealing, polishing, waxing, varnishing and finishing, in the sports goods industry in the maintenance of sports equipment like Skis, Cricket bats, Baseball bats, Hockey sticks, Archery equipment and Croquet Mallets. Moreover it also finds its use in industrial lubricants, sealants and Printing ink resins among other uses.

Stand oils enhance the flow of the oil paint and enables the brush strokes to be removed. They enhance gloss, are elastic, but lengthen the drying time and can be thinned using turpentine and white spirit. They yellow less than linseed oil but dry even more slowly. Stand oil is suitable for the practice of the glacis technique. Stand Oil or Polymerised Linseed Oil has much higher viscosity and faster drying time than double boiled Linseed oil.

Specifications of Polymerised Linseed Oil (Stand oil)

Relative Densityg/cm3 @ 30o C0.9310.980
Acid Valuemg KOH/g412

Usage/ Application:Industrial
Minimum Order quantity:5000 Kgs

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